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ATI Luxury Car Rental Services for the corporate has 18 creditable years of service. Our Fleet Management minimizes a company’s risk in vehicle investment. By collaborating with ATI, our clients have improved their efficiency, productivity and reduced their overall transportation and staff costs.

Our team drives corporate business forward. ATI offers Premium Luxury Car Rental Services for corporate and special Economical Car Rental Service. ATI has become the top choice in Luxury Car Rental in India for the corporates.

Why is it critical to partner with a
travel management company?  

  • ATI appoints a Relationship Manager as one point of contact for each corporate to manage the company’s account.
  • You can book a luxury car for intercity travelling, commuting to any commercial hub and other major cities.
  • Compared to the outdated black and yellow cabs, we ensure safety for women delegates, partners and professionals.
  • Use our 24 X 7 Helpline and Support Service.
  • ATI has a robust Vigilance Team to scan out any threat and danger. For the safety of our esteemed clients, the team monitors the vehicles and drivers. It escalates and alerts any emergency to the authorities.
  • ATI vigilance department checks the past record of cabs/drivers for speed, alcohol consumption/ drugs charges, traffic rule violation, or any misbehavior. 
  • Vehicle Tracking System is installed to ensure full security and risk management in case of car breaks down or emergency.
  • ATI conducts regular servicing and maintenance of vehicle.
  • ATI boosts of more than 650 cars spread across Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, & Hyderabad.
  • Our vehicles are commercially registered and 100% compliance with government legislation.
  • We follow a Process Driven Service Delivery Model.
  • Our clients enjoy complete transparency while booking a car with ATI.
  • Our clients receive instant SMS notification post car booking and complete information on their driver and luxury car
  • ATI Luxury Services include factors other than the distance and traffic congestion that can affect our clients’ travel plans:
    weather conditions, festival, celebrations, road blocks, government vehicle movement, transportation strike, nation strike, national protest.
  • Our drivers get regular updates and alerts from our headquarters via mobile network about the current situation and crisis to make sure the client is dropped safely and on time at his respective destination.
  • Our clients’ feedback motivates our fleet to strive for constant improvement.
  • You can always expect a forthcoming attitude form ATI staff and drivers. 

Book your Luxury car to reduce
your exposure to potential risk of COVID-19.

  • To stop the transmission of infection and safeguard our clients and passengers, ATI retained the drivers in its premises.
  • ATI has trained and educated the entire staff on taking precautions and follow the government advisory.
  • Daily before and after every vehicle is dispatched, it is sanitized with a strong disinfectant– Diversey Virex II 256.
  • Each vehicle has an additional single piece mask, hand sanitizer, spray sanitizer, hand gloves, fire extinguisher, first aid kits, mineral water bottles, GPRS system and separation sheet between driver and passenger inserted in the vehicles for contactless environment.
  • Each vehicle is stocked with a tool kit, stepony and torch.
  • We conduct daily thermal scanning to check the temperature of drivers. 
  • Vehicle Tracking System is installed to ensure full security and risk management in case of car breaks down or emergency.
  • ATI maintains an SOP sheet to record the health status of drivers and hygiene of each vehicle.
  • We NEVER send our vehicles to COVID 19 contentment zone.
  • The health and safety of not only our clients and passengers are important, but also of our drivers and staff.
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